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MCQ on antiarrhythmic agents: Page-1

Identify class IV antiarrhythmic agents from the following
(P) Sotalol (Q) Amiodarone (R) Verapamil (S) Quinidine

(A) R and S

(B) P and Q

(C) S only

(D) R only

Which of the following is NOT a good drug target for cardiac arrhythmias?

(A) Calcium channel blockers

(B) Potassium channel activators

(C) Sodium channel blockers

(D) Beta blockers

Given below is a structure of an antiarrythmic agent. Identify its name.
structure of an antiarrythmic agent

(A) Amiodarone

(B) Lidocaine

(C) Verapamil

(D) Propranolol

Lidocaine is a class I antiarrhythmic agent that has amide linkage. It can be easily identified by finding xylidene moiety in its structure.

The above drug shows additional action in another clinical Pageting. Choose the correct one from the following

(A) Antipsychotic agent

(B) Antidepressant

(C) Local anaesthetic agent

(D) Anticholinergic agent

Lidocaine is sodium channel blocker both in the heart and local neurons. Hence apart from its use as class I antiarrhythmic agent, it also widely used as local anaesthetic.

Select class II antiarrhythmic agent from the following

(A) Diltiazem

(B) Lidocaine

(C) Propranolol

(D) Verapamil