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A story of freedom fighters in medical world

by egpat         15-08-2017

Those are the days we are living happy with all our family members, neighbours and friends enjoying each moment in our life. We have a pleasant environment and a great working culture with strict disciplines and regulations within our system. We have a great communication with our neighbours respecting each other’s policies building a greater community for our bright future. We all know that birth and death are common process within this little span of our lives. So we cordially welcome to the new budding members into our family and provide them with a protected and careful environment. We also respect the inevitable leaving of any member and we pay a great tribute to their last journey. In this way, we all live with a great spirit understanding the beauty of life.

Suddenly one day we received an unknown guest to our family looking very small but surprisingly more active. As we have a great culture to provide a highest honour to our guests, we received him humidly and arranged everything for all his needs. We gave our food, nutrients and a nice environment to live him comfortably.  We came to know that all our neighbour families also received similar guests and they treated them similarly with their warm affection. We are all happy with these guests serving them with our full efforts.

After few days, new guests entered into our family and we extended our service even to them. Suddenly one day, one of our family member recognised that these guests are trying to steal our energy sources and even destroying all our machinery for propagation of their generation. But still respecting our policies we have not prevented our guests to do anything but just kept more investigation on them to know what they are aiming. Finally we came to know that they are not the guests but they are intruders trespassing all our areas. But by the time we recognise this fact, everything loss was already happened. Many of our family members and neighbours are died and some left paralysed unfunctional. Many families swept within this brutal attack. Tears roll in all our eyes being helpless in that situation not able to fight and push all these intruders from our families. Even some of our friends lost their lives in fighting against with theses enemies.

One fine day, we touched with a ray of hope bringing an illumination to our lives, one HERO entered our community to save us from these intruders. He fought against all these intruders making a check for their spreading and clearing them from each and every area. We are all happy with that occasion and celebrated that moment rapidly restoring our homes back to normal levels bringing smile in each and every face. We are grateful to our HERO and asked him respectfully that who is he?

He replied, “I am the PENICILLIN and I fought against your enemies called BACTERIA. I was invented by Scottish scientist Mr. Alexander Fleming.”

We have no bounds to our happiness thanking Mr. Alexander Fleming , sending a real hero into our lives. But our happiness doesn’t last for longer time. After few months, again a group of intruders attacked us affecting various families like skin, bones, joints and whatever they access defeating our hero, penicillin, landing with their flag. But our scientist are the great personailities working hard to save our lives, send a new generation hero METHICILLIN. Again he fought with all the new intruders and removed their flagship everywhere. This new hero also have his brothers named OXACILLIN,  DICLOXACILLIN and NAFCICILLIN all working to eradicate our enemies.

We may expect in one way but reality may be different. Just within few months, a new resistant enemy was developed targeting methicillin and named as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcal aureus (MRSA).  Luckily we have another hero VANCOMYCIN who works great in fighting with this resistant intruder.

Days are passing and we are as usual continuing with our works. As days may not be same all the time, a new threat entered into our lives. Intruders like E.coli and H.influenza became a bottleneck to our growth and survival.  With god’s grace again we are saved by next generation heroes, this time more strong and with extended spectrum. Two of our heroes, AMPICILLIN and AMOXICILLIN worked perfect to check the growth of new enemies.

As our heroes becoming more strong, so also the case with our enemies. These new enemies have developed an enzyme beta lactamase which destroyed our heroes taking again dominance over our heroes. Thankfully, one of the cousin, CLAVULANIC ACID, was introduced to work along with our heroes to win in this game.

A new threat named pseudomonas aergeunosa also made a stir in our lives but successfully checked by new generation heroes like CARBENICILLIN, PIPERACILLIN and TICARCILLIN. Finally we got freedom from these enemies. Now we are happy and independent.

Now we are a strong community having high protection with the support of all our penicillins and happily living. We have lot of categories of drugs like cephalosporins, monobactams, carbapenems, tetracyclines, macrolides, aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones all adding to the group of antibiotics. We have a great military forces called VACCINES to prevent any further attacks in near future.

But I am NOT really happy today. Recently I came to know that few of our friends are died as our heroes are getting more resistance. Few of our heroes cann’t fight with these developing enemies. Unfortunately I came to know that the reason behind this is not due to the ploys of enemies but IMPROPER USAGE of our heroes. If antibiotics are not used properly they develop resistance in bacteria and our lives will be their hands. Without any prescription if you use antibiotics we again loose our freedom. So, I request all the humans to use antibiotics if only required and suggested by the medical professional.

my story with antibiotics as freedom fighters

This is the story of our freedom fighters who saved our lives from many threats from time to time. A great tribute our freedom fighters is to use them properly.

Thank you all for reading my story with freedom fighters.


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